About Us

DITC Defined

Dynamic IT Consultants is a focused hardware and infrastructure supplier that addresses small, medium and large organizations. It provides a wide range of business solutions including hardware and software implementation, integrated networking installation and software customization.

It is geared to provide outsourced services, help desk and maintenance support and undertake general repairs.

Dynamic IT Consultants staff are trained and certified Microsoft, Unix and Linux consultants.

Included in the unit's value-added services are Web design and Internet hosting facilities - as well as contracted on-site maintenance and service level agreement (SLA) monitoring and management.

Many organizations do not have the budget, resources or IT infrastructures necessary to support comprehensive system monitoring and management services. Yet their system's up-time is critical to the success of their business.

These organizations are addressed by a "Command Centre", which allows them to re-deploy their resources on other strategic projects central to their core operations.

Dynamic IT Consultants is backed by strategic business partnerships with a number of leading international and local vendors, and has the infrastructure necessary to provide solutions that directly support the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of its customers' core business processes.

The unit's turn-around service is quick and efficient - and designed to enhance the customer experience.

With a policy of encouraging long-term relationships with customers, Dynamic IT Consultants has strong associations with many small and large organizations.