Customised Software & Integration

Sometimes an off-the-shelf software package is just what you need. But sometimes it just does not satisfy the unique requirements of your business. We are able to create customised software to satisfy your business and data requirements. Sometimes this involves creating customised modules to run alongside your existing software - sometimes it requires writing software especially for your business needs. We specialise in:

  • Analysis of your existing business processes and data flows
  • Analysis of existing business software and data stores - including Clipper, DB2, indexed or flat files (ISAM or CSAM), Dbase, MSAccess, SQL Server or MySQL, Oracle
  • We design and develop software to run on any platform using the programming language most suited to your specific needs including COBOL, VB and PHP
  • Integration of your system with both Pastel and Quickbooks
  • Upgrading/migration of your legacy system
  • Oracle
  • We create customised automated reports and executive dashboards to add business value to the data that you already store